Fiegenhof im Schwarzwald
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The Renchtal area will be rewarding for every hiker, no matter whether you take a leisurely stroll through the orchards, walk through the idyllic vineyards or you set out for a mountain tour to the Black Forest heights. 

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Aktiv MTB

Cycling – mountain biking

On a bike tour through the Renchtal you will experience the blooming orchards of the Rhine Valley and the golden vineyards and forests of the foothills of the Middle Black Forest. Whether with the mountain bike, road bike, e-bike or the Fatbike - here every wish of the cyclist's heart is fulfilled.  

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Carriage rides

From the Kimmig Ranch in Bottenau you can be drawn through our charming landscape by the two steadfast Haflinger horses Moreno and Samir. Both were trained for carriage horses in the Allgäu by a highly professional hand. Your driver Andreas Kimmig also passed his training there and completed his driving license for one- and two-horse carriages successfully. The tour, of course, goes to Achenbach.

Just sit back and enjoy the moment during a relaxing carriage ride with friends or your family.

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Durbach Ranch

Durbach Ranch

The Durbach Ranch is a family business founded by Karl-Heinz Winkler (riding therapist / DFG and trainer B / Ewu) and Michaela Winkler (she worked on ranches in New Zealand, Australia and Canada for several years).

Both worked in socio-pedagogic as well as in manual occupations and have been in contact with horses since their earliest childhood. In 2001, after a long search, they found in Durbach what they had been looking for and in September 2001 the Durbach Ranch was founded.

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Due to its geographical location, Oppenau is an ideal starting point for paragliders. With the four starting places Oppenau ranges as the probably only place in the Central German Uplands with take- off possibilities at any wind direction. 


Buchkopfturm Gleitschirmflieger